"If you're looking for a professional who can help you sort through family dynamics and guide you with your child rearing issues then look no further."
"If you're looking for a professional who can help you sort through family dynamics and guide you with your child rearing issues then look no further. You will find Dr. Rothenberg to be warm, compassionate and equipped with many ideas for you to apply to any situation. She's there to get you through any challenges you may be facing, and help you see that there are better, happier days ahead. Your time with Dr. Rothenberg will be well-spent for each session is constructive and comforting. She listens to your concerns and issues carefully, and demonstrates empathy as she works through each concern you may be facing. She is insightful, and always has positive ideas to suggest to help you move forward as you try to deal with everyday child rearing issues. Her years of experience in working with families should give you confidence that you are in excellent hands."
—Cathy K., San Francisco Bay Area

Client Testimonials "Your understanding of the child's point of view is incredible. Thank you for helping us to really understand our child and for the tools to turn things around."
—Chris R., Menlo Park

"We're so pleased that our work with you resulted in our son learning to get along much better with other children. We were going in circles finding so much conflicting advice from friends, books, and the Internet. We're so glad to have had your help. someone we're truly confident in."
—Karen J., Redwood City

"Six years later, we still use the techniques Dr. Annye taught us… It was invaluable."
"We were referred to Dr. Annye by a friend, who was also referred to her from another friend. Dr. Annye was amazing, and truly helped our family. For context, my husband and I have four children, two girls and then two boys (less than 5.5 years between the oldest and youngest child). Our challenge was with our second daughter. At the time we sought Dr. Annye's help, our second daughter was four years old and VERY challenging at home and at preschool— defiant, lack of empathy, highly disrespectful, selfish, no impulse control. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and didn't care about anyone else in the process. I will also add that our daughter is quite bright—she's never been tested, but she earns straight A's now at her private school and her teachers continually tell us that 'she processes at a higher level' (she is now 10 in the 4th grade).

Client Testimonials When our daughter was on the verge of getting kicked out of preschool—the top, 'best-of', home-based, academic and play-based preschool in our area—my husband and I decided to seek help. We first talked with Dr. Annye over the phone for about 15 minutes (at no charge) to determine if there was a good fit between our needs and Dr. Annye's services. After agreeing it was, my husband and I met with Dr. Annye at her home for about an hour where we went more in depth into the issues. Following that, Dr. Annye observed our daughter at her preschool and at our home to see how she interacted with others. (Prior to observing at the preschool, Dr. Annye talked with the preschool Director and primary teacher over the phone for about 30 minutes. She also spoke with them afterward, over the phone, to discuss her findings. The preschool Director said that what she heard from Dr. Annye was not only good practices for my daughter, but also all of the children at the school.) After her observations, my husband and I met with her again for close to two hours. That session was recorded and we took the CDs with us so we could listen to them over and over as needed—much preferred over written reports.

Client Testimonials It was hard implementing Dr. Annye's guidance, but it was worth every minute and tear shed. It was also worth every penny we paid. Years later, our daughter is a highly adjusted 10-year old—she is an honest, respectful, straight-A student, and an award-winning athlete in two sports who demonstrates care and empathy for others. It is not 100% of the time—she's approaching puberty, after all, and she still makes us mad by some of her decisions—but it is nowhere near the level of frustration that ruled our home at the time we first met Dr. Annye. (And what is probably obvious by now, our daughter is not on the autism spectrum or have other behavioral diagnoses, which other reviewers' children exhibited—and yes, always get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the first.)

Client Testimonials I will also say this. while we met with Dr. Annye in hopes of her 'fixing' our daughter, what we actually learned was how to fix our parenting of our daughter. What worked well for our older daughter and two sons wasn't what our second daughter needed from us, and Dr. Annye helped us see the gaps in our parenting and how to be the parents our daughter needs us to be. Dr. Annye didn't speak in generalities either, but gave us specifics from what she observed of our daughter and said, 'when (your daughter) does (this behavior) then you need to say (these words).' And it was very specific to various behaviors. Over the course of the next year, we saw a massive change in our daughter's behavior and attitude, and the level of stress and frustration in our home greatly reduced.

Six years later, we still use the techniques Dr. Annye taught us from time to time as needed. It was invaluable, and there is nothing we regret."

Client Testimonials "P.S. In regards to insurance, while Dr. Annye did not accept insurance, she did provide us with an invoice with dates and medical codes so that we could submit it to our insurance for out-of-network reimbursement (which we did receive)."
—Cynthia O., Fremont

"Your practical suggestions really worked. Our child is now sleeping through the night. I was at my wits end before we met with you."
—Meredith W., Palo Alto

"We can't say enough positive things about Dr. Rothenberg and the support she has provided to our family. She is incredibly insightful, supportive and intelligent and we have the highest degree of trust in her judgment. Dr. Rothenberg helped successfully guide us through some complex behavioral issues with our 5 year old at a time when we thought we had tried everything. Almost immediately after we began working with her, we started to see very positive results. More importantly, we suddenly had confidence as parents that we could provide the necessary support that our child needed, and for that we will be eternally grateful."
—Mel D., San Jose

Client Testimonials
"Our family has benefited immensely from Dr. Annye's deep experience, keen insights and collaborative style. She has been an extraordinary resource and helpful adjunct to our family."
—Daniel M., San Francisco

"My husband and I are now working together as a team in raising our children. We both have a much better understanding of how much to expect of our children and how to set limits."
—Daphne G., Los Altos

"In our work with you, once again, you hit the nail on the head. As our children get older we know we'll be back to see you. We're so grateful that you are a constant resource in our community."
—Steve K., Mountain View

Client Testimonials
"Thank you for your wise counsel. Our daughter is now doing well in school."
—Jeff D., San Mateo

"Dr. Annye Rothenberg is an outstanding family counseling / parenting / educational consultant. She was referred to us by Dr. Amy Heneghan, our Pediatrician at PAMF, who has referred her to many families, all of whom have improved their family's well being as a result of working with her. My husband and I have five year old twins, and in addition to being CEO of a 20-year-old consulting firm, I am President of the Mid Peninsula Parents of Multiples, a 550-family organization that hosts parenting classes on a regular basis. I am an experienced buyer of these kinds of services, having gone through extensive Love & Logic parental training, attended over a dozen parenting classes through MPPOM, and having advanced degrees in Marriage Family Child Couseling and Career Development.

We have worked with Dr. Rothenberg for over six months and have had approximately 12 visits. Our issues that led us to seek expertise included being dissatisfied with the Love & Logic training we had taken, and feeling that L&L was too focused on penalizing kids, but that on our own we were too permissive. We had issues around getting the twins to sleep in a timely manner, and to stay in bed, bad behavior (nothing terrible, but not what you want pre-K'ers to do), uncertainty around kindergarten preparedness, and questions around developing the most high functioning parenting philosophy and style that we could. As parents, of course we agreed in some areas and disagreed in others.
"She is highly attuned to the needs of each of her families, and has taken the time to truly understand us… that is successful beyond anything I could have imagined."

Dr. Rothenberg has been superb. She is an older lady, a grandmother, extremely smart and wise, and does not put up with nonsense from anyone. That in itself is a great role model. She is highly attuned to the special needs of each of her client families, and has taken the time to truly understand us and to develop a counseling style that is successful beyond anything I could have imagined. Yes, she is a bit old fashioned in that she communicates by phone, actually answers her phone when she is able, checks her messages frequently, and responds to clients within 24 hours and expects the same from her clients, and accepts checks for payment. Most of the best therapists around use these methods. They are not like massage therapists or food delivery people who use text messaging and Square.

Client Testimonials Dr. Rothenberg has successfully gotten to know my husband and me and our family, evaluated and reported to us on our parenting styles, strengths and weaknesses, made suggestions, conducted both school visits to the twins' preschool and conducted home visits, and has built a relationship with us where we trust and respect her and feel safe and validated enough to take risks, look inside, and improve our parenting skills.

For me, I like a theoretical model that I can then take practical. My husband is more no nonsense. We've both been able to bond with Dr. Rothenberg and learn from her, and she has even been gracious enough to have a couple of mini-sessions with our au pair from Colombia. Dr. Rothenberg has also helped me figure out the right amount of after-school activities, recommended the best summer day camp for us, and helped us decide if we wanted to do a bilingual kindergarten.

Seriously, I have been 100% delighted with Dr. Rothenberg and would be glad to serve as a reference for any families considering utilizing her services."
—Valerie F., Menlo Park