Dr. Annye Rothenberg,
Dr. Annye Rothenberg, a child/parent psychologist, a mother, and an expert in parenting education, focuses her child rearing guidance on children from 2 through age 7. She is a licensed psychologist with more than 25 years of experience and is an innovator of the "child rearing consultation" guidance sessions. In these sessions, Dr. Rothenberg combines child psychology, child development and behavior, and her knowledge of each parent's skills and perspectives in child rearing to provide individually tailored and successful guidance to families.

Parents may be concerned about their children's behavior or development at home and/or at school or their differences in child rearing methods. Dr. Rothenberg provides the necessary help for families to understand these issues and learn more effective ways to deal with the problems. Focusing on the age and personality of your child, she will guide you through your concerns. (See Specialties)

Parents who need help with the many issues and problems of childhood (2 to 7 years old) and who want guidance from a highly regarded and validated specialist will benefit from her expertise in understanding both the child's and parents' viewpoints and needs. Dr. Rothenberg is a pioneer in the use of home and school visits to know how to help the family most effectively. Most of the counseling is directed toward the parents but children are included in the sessions when appropriate. Dr. Rothenberg is well-known for her workable, practical and wise advice, her responsiveness, warmth, and sense of humor. She provides consultation to the child's teachers and other caregivers and is skilled in working with families from diverse cultures. She specializes in a short-term, results-oriented model of helping families.

Getting Started

I welcome calls from parents who have been referred by their pediatricians, their child's teachers, other mental health professionals, or their friends or acquaintances who have worked with me.

To set up a time for an initial phone conversation, call me at (650) 364‑4466.
If I'm not able to answer, leave me a detailed message. I'll call you back that day or at the latest, the next day.

In the initial 15 or 20 minute phone call, we'll talk about your child or children, and the issues you'd like help with. Then I can tell you how I can be of help, how many and what kind of sessions you'll need, the cost, etc.

Appointments for our first in-person session are typically available within a week.